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There’s not a single person in Perth who doesn’t appreciate the chilling and soothing comfort of an air conditioner in their home.

But how much does it cost and what are the different options?

At Pacific Air Services, we offer you our premium solutions to suit the needs of you and your home. We only supply and install state-of-the-art air conditioning units to ensure you are getting the most value at an affordable price.

Most Popular Styles of Air Conditioners

Not sure which air conditioning system is best for your home?

Don’t worry, we got you.

Here are the different types of units Pacific Air Services offer to help you make the smart choice in assuring comfort living for your home in the years to come!

Evaporative Air Conditioning

Ideal for every Australian who wants to stay cool during those hot dry summers. We offer professional and reliable services to help you get started with this eco-friendly solution in your home today! 

Ducted Air Conditioning

Looking for an air conditioning system for your new home? We can do that! Get the power to control the temperature in your home through this smart-controlled and cost-effective solution! (Enquire now!)

Split Air Conditioning

Perfectly suited for you if you don’t wish to have your whole housed air conditioned! Efficient, affordable and effective, we can ensure that you can swiftly set your room to a desirable temperature for maximum comfort!

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Types of Air Conditioners

Evaporative Air Conditioning: Smart, Resilient and 100% filtered fresh air. Breezair evaporative air conditioners use the power of evaporation to ensure that clean and cool air is being filtered into your homes at a lowered energy cost!

At Pacific Air services, we offer only our expert team of technicians that deliver a professional, quality installation of your evaporative air coniditioner to your home, workspace or commercial project.

To ensure a quality installation, the price of its installation may vary depending on different factors that need to be considered such as; brand, system size, accessibility for installation and property size.

Quality service, versatile and highly experienced. At Pacific Air Services, we ensure that our professional and friendly team give you the right advice to help you make the right decision with ease of mind.

Ducted Air Conditioning: Heating and Cooling, Cost efficient and User control. Ducted Air conditioning gives you the power to control the temperature of every space in your home through a smart controller. The perfect choice if you are a new home builder or renovating!

It sets itself as the go-to for any home cooling system, however, you will pay the price for the benefit. Ducted air conditioning pricing and installation are determined by; brand, system size, the layout of your property and the number of zones required.

Quality service, versatile and highly experienced. At Pacific Air Services, we ensure that our professional and friendly team give you the right advice to help you make the right decision with ease of mind. 

Split System Air Conditioning: Cooling or Heating for Individual spaces, lower running costs, and Precise temperature control. Split System air conditioners allow you to change the temperature of your space quickly and effectively without worries of increased energy usage!

Split air conditioning systems are the most commonly used air con system. They are relatively affordable for those opting to cover a per room basis.

While affordable to obtain and install in your home, the overall pricing of split air conditioning units is dependable on; unit model, quantity to install, size of your home, energy usage, accessibility to install the external unit and installation time.

Pacific Air Services are with you every step of the way. Giving you clarity and advice of your installation. We offer only a highly efficient, quality installation to your home or commercial project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Definitely! At Pacific Air Services, we work step by step with you in offering professional and experienced advice to ensure we help you find the air conditioning system for you. You can request a quote from us today!

Feel the natural breeze in your home.

Through water-soaked cooling pads, air is pushed through as the water is evaporated and the heat is absorbed. Leaving a lowered natural air temperature that is circumvented throughout your house.

It is environmentally friendly!

Evaporative air conditioners consume far less energy, water and contain no harmful synthetic refrigerants! This means lowered energy costs, better efficiency and performance to get your 100% fresh filtered air during those hot Perth summers!

It’s quiet and flexible.

Using an evaporative air conditioner assures you the peace you deserve. Another great thing is that you never have to worry about closing doors or windows. Allowing the flexibility of those who are frequently moving in and out of the house!

Heating and cooling

Pushing air through a concealed system, Ducted Air conditioning allows you to maintain control of the temperature throughout your home. This will let you sit comfortably through those harsh summer days or winter nights! Having precise temperature control also sees longer lasting flooring, furniture, and walls. 

Controlled Zones

Not only do you have control of the temperature in your home, but you also have control of every space in your home! This means freedom to choose which space of your home is used and lets individual members of your house control the temperature of their space to their desire.

Cost-effective and Efficient

Think of it as a long-term investment. While having a higher upfront cost with installing the system, the benefit of efficient cooling and lowered energy usage makes up for its cost in the years to come. This works especially well with homes that need more than 2 split systems. Using a duct system means reduced redundancy of extra installations while remaining in control of the temperature at a decreased energy expenditure.

Precise climate control

Best used for individual spaces, split air systems allow you to have accurate control of the temperature in that space. Whether it would be for heating or cooling, split air systems are flexible in swiftly adjusting the temperature for you leaving nothing but your desired comfort.

Energy Efficient

Most modern split air conditioning units are now equipped with the right technology that serves as an energy-efficient solution. Consuming less energy regularly while being able to perform effectively means you get to save and live comfortably!

Super Quiet Operations

Bring down that noise pollution! Opting for a split system air conditioner means that the fan and its condenser are located outside. Giving you the peace you deserve allowing you to focus and get on with your day.

With most air conditioning units or systems, servicing depends on the brand and model. While it is normally recommended to service your air con systems annually, it also depends on the type of system you have in place.

Evaporative Air Conditioning

Usually recommended having annual checks on the cooling systems to ensure maximum efficiency. However, a service every 2-3 years is required to maintain the smooth operation of your air conditioning unit.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Usually recommended getting it serviced by a qualified professional once a year to maintain performance and efficiency. If there is an immediate problem, get it fixed immediately. Delaying repairs can cause harm to your ducted air con, your finances and the wellbeing of your family and home.

Split Air Conditioning

Depending on the brand, model, and age of your split system, it is normally recommended to service your split system units every year to maintain performance and save unwarranted costs.

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